Amor de Cosmos    1   maraschino cherry   1 1/2 oz.  Canadian Club whisky   1 oz.  cranberry juice   1 splash.  ginger ale   1 splash.  club soda   1 tbsp.  grenadine syrup   Shake rye, grenadine and cranberry juice with ice and strain into cocktail glass. Add a splash each of ginger ale and club soda. Add a maraschino cherry.

What is Four Twenty made of?

Anthrax    1/3 oz.  Bacardi white rum   1/3 oz.  Captain Morgan Original spiced rum   1/3 oz.  Crown Royal Canadian whisky   Pour into a shot glass and serve.

What drinks are like ?

Appalachia    1 1/2 oz.  Scotch whisky   1 oz.  green ginger wine   1 oz.  orange juice   Shake everything with ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. Strain into cocktail glass.

How do I mix Coffee Liqueur?

Areola    1/4 oz.  Black Velvet Canadian whisky   1/2 oz.  peach schnapps   1/4 oz.  sloe gin   Pour ingredients in order into a shot glass, and serve.

How much is light rum?

Backyard Dawg    1 oz.  Southern Comfort peach liqueur   5 oz.  ginger ale   1 oz.  Crown Royal Canadian whisky   1 oz.  Captain Morgan Original spiced rum   1/2 oz.  grenadine syrup   Add all liquors and grenadine to a shaker with crushed ice and shake for 30 seconds. Strain into a tall glass with cubed ice. Add the ginger ale and garnish with a cherry.

How much is whiskey?

Barbary Coast    1/2 oz.  gin   1/2 oz.  white creme de cacao   1/2 oz.  Scotch whisky   1/2 oz.  rum   1/2 oz.  light cream   Shake all ingredients with ice, strain into a cocktail glass, and serve.

What is the best mixer for bacardi 151 rum?

Barton Special    1/4 oz.  gin   1/2 oz.  Applejack brandy   1/4 oz.  Scotch whisky   Shake all ingredients with ice, strain into an old-fashioned glass over ice cubes, and serve.

Does Blue Curacao liqueur make a good shot?