Absolut Summertime    1 1/2 oz.  Absolut Citron vodka   1/2 oz.  Sprite soda   3/4 oz.  sweet and sour mix   3 oz.  soda water   1 slice.  lemon   Add all ingredients except lemon to shaker filled with ice. Cover and shake vigorously. Strain contents into ice filled collins glass. Garnish with lemon. *note* A great summer refresher. Shaking and straining the drink makes it frothy. This drink is also good when you need to 'wet your whistle'. A good first drink of the afternoon or evening.

What mixes with lemon?

ADAM'S BLUES    1 oz.  Absolut vanilla vodka   1 oz.  Blue Curacao liqueur   1 oz.  Malibu coconut rum   3 oz.  sweet and sour mix   Pour into hurricane glass with ice

Is triple sec a good mixer?

Adios Mother    1 oz.  vodka   1 oz.  white rum   6 oz.  sweet and sour mix   1 oz.  gin   1 oz.  Blue Curacao liqueur   6 oz.  7-Up soda   Add vodka, gin, white rum and blue curacao to an ice-filled hurricane glass. Fill the glass with equal parts sour mix and 7-Up, garnish with a cherry, and serve.

How much is Triple Sec?

Adios Motherfucker    1/2 oz.  vodka   1/2 oz.  1800 Tequila   1/2 oz.  Blue Curacao liqueur   2 oz.  7-Up soda   1/2 oz.  rum   1/2 oz.  gin   2 oz.  sweet and sour mix   Pour all ingredients except the 7-Up into a chilled glass filled with ice cubes. Top with 7-Up and stir gently.

Where can I buy Jim's Cream?

Adios Motherfucker #3    1 oz.  light rum   1 oz.  vodka   2 oz.  sweet and sour mix   1 oz.  gin   4/5 oz.  1800 Tequila   1 1/2 oz.  Blue Curacao liqueur   1 oz.  Sprite soda   Shake alcohol, then add sprite on top. Serve on the rocks.

What can I make out of Malibu coconut rum?

Alabama Slammer    1/2 oz.  amaretto almond liqueur   1/2 oz.  sloe gin   1/2 oz.  Southern Comfort peach liqueur   1 splash.  sweet and sour mix   1 splash.  orange juice   Pour above ingredients into a stainless steel shaker over ice and shake until completely cold. Strain into an old-fashioned glass and serve.

Do you want more dit kicker?

Alaskan Iced Tea       lemon-lime soda   2 oz.  Blue Curacao liqueur   1/2 oz.  gin   2 oz.  sweet and sour mix   1/2 oz.  vodka   1/2 oz.  light rum   Mix the rum, gin, vodka, blue curacao, and sour mix in a mixing glass. Pour into an ice-filled highball glass, and top with lemon-lime soda. Garnish with a twist of lemon or lime, and top with a cherry. Serve.

What is the best mixer for Coffee Liqueur?