8th Birthday    1 oz.  vodka   3/4 oz.  Chambord raspberry liqueur   1 oz.  milk   1/4 oz.  dark creme de cacao   Add all ingredients to an ice-filled cocktail shaker, shake, and pour into a martini glass.

What drinks are like Stinger #2?

African Wench    1/2 oz.  Captain Morgan spiced rum   1/2 oz.  amaretto almond liqueur   1/2 oz.  dark creme de cacao   Shake all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into shot glass.

Is Pumpkin Pie non-alcoholic?

After Dinner Mint #3    1 cup.  ice *optional   1 oz.  Bailey's Irish cream   1/2 oz.  dark creme de cacao   1 oz.  Frangelico hazelnut liqueur   1/2 oz.  green creme de menthe   1/2 oz.  rum (Bombora; Malibu)   1 oz.  Kahlua coffee liqueur   2 oz fresh.  cream *optional   Place all ingredients into an electric blender on high speed. Drizzle chocolate inside hurricane glass, then pour blended mix in. You may add shaved chocolate.

What is the best kind of Red Rooster?

All Night Long    1/2 oz.  vodka   4 oz.  pineapple juice   1/2 oz.  Malibu coconut rum   1/2 oz.  dark creme de cacao   2 oz.  sweet and sour mix   1/2 oz.  Kahlua coffee liqueur   Mix all together in hurricane glass. Shake well. Garnish-orange flag.

What is the best kind of In the Ocean?

Almond Chocolate Coffee    3/4 oz.  amaretto almond liqueur   1/2 oz.  dark creme de cacao   8 oz hot.  coffee   Pour in order into coffee cup. Top with whipped creme and chocolate shcvings.

Drinks with Knockout Punch?

Almond Joy Dark       grenadine syrup    fill with.  pineapple juice   1/2 oz.  creme de noyaux   1 oz.  Malibu coconut rum   1/2 oz.  dark creme de cacao   Pour liquors over ice. Fill with pineapple. Add grenadine to color. Shake. Garnish with pineapple flag.

What is in Boye Sparkle?

Ambassador's Punch    4 oz.  dark rum   3 oz.  dark creme de cacao   5 oz.  brandy   1 qt chilled.  eggnog   1 whole.  nutmeg   Whisk together the eggnog, brandy, rum and creme de cacao together in a large punch bowl. Add a large block of ice. Grate a little nutmeg over the top of each drink when serving. Makes 8 (6-ounce) punch cups.

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