Ambrosia     chilled.  Champagne   1 dash.  triple sec    juice of 1.  lemons   1 oz.  brandy   1 oz.  Applejack brandy   Combine and shake all ingredients (except champagne). Pour contents into a highball glass over ice cubes. Fill with chilled champagne, stir lightly, and serve.

What is beer made of?

American Rose    1/2   peach    fill with.  Champagne   1 1/2 oz.  brandy   1/2 tsp.  Pernod licorice liqueur   1 tsp.  grenadine syrup   Shake ingredients (except champagne) and strain into a chilled white wine glass. Fill with champagne and garnish with a peach slice.

Where can I find 007?

Apricot Punch    1 fifth.  vodka   4 fifths.  Champagne   1/2 gal.  orange juice   4 liters.  7-Up soda   1 qt.  apricot brandy   Pour all ingrediants into a large punch bowl. Add ice and 4 oranges that are peeled and divided. If you wish for a little different taste substitute orange juice with apple juice and oranges with apples.

What mixes with coconut rum?

Apricot Smoothie       ice    fill 1/2 glass.  orange juice    fill 1/2 glass.  Champagne   1 oz.  vodka   4 oz.  apricot brandy   Mix all ingredients over ice. 7-Up may be used instead of champagne to cut alcohol content if so desired. For a little different taste use apple juice instead of orange juice.

What is made of?

B2 C2    1 oz.  benedictine herbal liqueur   4 oz.  Champagne   1 oz.  brandy   1 oz.  Cointreau orange liqueur   Pour into a glass. Alternatively multiply the amounts and use a large jug with chopped fruit.

What is Blue Curacao liqueur made of?

Bali Hai     fill with.  Champagne   1 oz.  aguardiente brandy   2 oz.  light rum   2 oz fresh.  lemon juice   2 oz fresh.  lime juice   1 tsp.  grenadine syrup   1 tsp.  orgeat syrup   Shake ingredients (except champagne) with cracked ice and pour into a collins glass. Fill with champagne.

What is the best kind of Soda?

Bombay Punch    1/2 liter.  brandy   1 liter.  soda water   1/2 liter.  sweet sherry   2 liters.  Champagne   3 oz.  maraschino liqueur   5 oz.  sugar syrup   3 oz.  triple sec   6 oz.  lemon juice   Add to punch bowl with sufficient ice to chill. Serve with sliced fruit.

Can I mix bacardi 151 rum with anything?