Berry Cherry    1/2 part.  Coca-Cola Cherry Coke   1/2 part.  UV blue raspberry vodka   Stir and serve over ice.

How much is Triple Sec?

Blue Insanity    2 oz.  Blue Curacao liqueur   6 oz.  Smirnoff Black Ice   2 oz.  UV blue raspberry vodka   2 oz.  triple sec   Place some ice in a highball glass. Add the UV, blue curacao and triple sec. Top with Smirnoff, and serve.

What is the best kind of WOP?

Blue Monster    1/2 oz.  Monster energy drink   1/2 oz.  UV blue raspberry vodka   Combine in a shot glass, and serve.

How much Imperius will get you drunk?

Bomb Pop    4 oz.  lemonade   2 oz.  UV blue raspberry vodka   Combine ingredients over ice in a small rocks glass, and serve.

What ingredients are in Almond Milk ?

Cha Cha Unocha    1/3 oz.  Bacardi Superior rum   1/6 oz.  Malibu coconut rum   1/3 oz.  UV blue raspberry vodka   1/6 oz.  Sprite soda   Build ingredients in order in a shot glass, and shoot.

What is the best kind of Mofo Cocktail?

George of the Jungle    4 oz.  Ocean Spray cranberry juice   2 oz.  lemonade   3 oz.  UV blue raspberry vodka   3 oz.  orange juice   Fill glass half-way with cranberry juice. Add orange juice and lemonade. Top off with some UV Blue.

How do you make a Autodafe?

Gieco    2 oz.  Red Bull energy drink   2 oz.  UV blue raspberry vodka   Fill an old-fashioned glass half-way with ice. Pour the UV Blue raspberry vodka, then the Red Bull, and watch the transformation from blue to gieco green,

What is the best kind of Tequila Stone Sour?