Berry Cherry    1/2 part.  Coca-Cola Cherry Coke   1/2 part.  UV blue raspberry vodka   Stir and serve over ice.

Where can I buy Paisano?

Blue Insanity    2 oz.  Blue Curacao liqueur   6 oz.  Smirnoff Black Ice   2 oz.  UV blue raspberry vodka   2 oz.  triple sec   Place some ice in a highball glass. Add the UV, blue curacao and triple sec. Top with Smirnoff, and serve.

Where can I buy Golden Nipple?

Blue Monster    1/2 oz.  Monster energy drink   1/2 oz.  UV blue raspberry vodka   Combine in a shot glass, and serve.

What is Anti Freeze made from?

Bomb Pop    4 oz.  lemonade   2 oz.  UV blue raspberry vodka   Combine ingredients over ice in a small rocks glass, and serve.

What mixes with Pineapple Soda?

Cha Cha Unocha    1/3 oz.  Bacardi Superior rum   1/6 oz.  Malibu coconut rum   1/3 oz.  UV blue raspberry vodka   1/6 oz.  Sprite soda   Build ingredients in order in a shot glass, and shoot.

How do I mix Amaretto Sweet ?

George of the Jungle    4 oz.  Ocean Spray cranberry juice   2 oz.  lemonade   3 oz.  UV blue raspberry vodka   3 oz.  orange juice   Fill glass half-way with cranberry juice. Add orange juice and lemonade. Top off with some UV Blue.

What mixes with maple syrup?

Gieco    2 oz.  Red Bull energy drink   2 oz.  UV blue raspberry vodka   Fill an old-fashioned glass half-way with ice. Pour the UV Blue raspberry vodka, then the Red Bull, and watch the transformation from blue to gieco green,

What is the best kind of orange?