Absolute Monster    4 oz.  ice cubes   4 oz.  Absolut vanilla vodka   4 oz.  Monster energy drink   Combine the Absolut vanilla vodka, Monster energy drink and ice cubes in a blender. Blend until slushy, pour into a highball glass, and serve.

Do you want more WOP?

Blue Monster    1/2 oz.  UV blue raspberry vodka   1/2 oz.  Monster energy drink   Combine in a shot glass, and serve.

How do I mix Peach Haze?

Cloverfield Monster    1/2 glass.  Monster energy drink   1/2 glass.  Barenjager honey liqueur   Fill shot glass to middle with monster. Fill the remaining space of the glass with Barenjager. Enjoy your cloverfield monster!

What is the best kind of Paisano?

Coolwater    1/4 cup.  Monster energy drink   1/2 cup.  Grey Goose vodka   1/4 cup.  Hpnotiq liqueur   Fill the cup three quarters of the way with ice. Pour Grey Goose about halfway. Then add the Hpnotiq to a little less than a quarter of the way up. Fill the rest with Monster. Give it a quick stir. Enjoy!

How do I mix Golden Nipple?

Crank and Vodka    2 oz 100 proof.  Smirnoff vodka   8 oz can low carb.  Monster energy drink   Stir ingredients together with ice in a collins glass, and serve.

How do you make a WWIII?

Dirty Crane    6 oz.  Monster energy drink   2 oz.  Grey Goose vodka   4 oz.  Simply Lemonade   Serve over ice.

Where can I buy Kremlin?

Grassy Knoll Cocktail    1 oz.  Smirnoff Green Apple Twist vodka   3 oz chilled.  Monster energy drink   Mix Monster Energy Drink with Green Apple Vodka. Make sure the Monster is chilled and not put through a martini shaker because it is carbonated and shaking a carbonated beverage may cause undesired foaminess.

Is gin a good mixer?