Curly Tail Twist    3/4 oz.  root beer schnapps   3/4 oz.  Jagermeister herbal liqueur   1 splash.  Bacardi 151 rum   Pour 1 part Jagermeister and 1 part Root Beer Schnapps in shot glass, splash with just a touch of 151.

Drinks with Peachy Pirate?

Deer Hunter    1 oz.  vodka   2 oz chilled.  Jagermeister herbal liqueur   5 oz chilled.  root beer   1 squeeze.  lemons   Add ice to a collins glass. Pour Jagermeister and vodka over the ice (Jagermeister should be chilled, of course). Add root beer to fill glass/to taste, and then finish it off with a squeeze of a lemon-quarter, and serve.

Where can I find Vodka?

Dingleberry    2 oz.  Jagermeister herbal liqueur   4 oz.  MD 20/20 grape-flavored wine   2 oz.  Crown Royal Canadian whisky   1 oz.  root beer schnapps   Shake ingredients together in a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Pour into a collins glass, and serve.

What is pineapple?

Dirk Diggler     fill with.  root beer   2 oz.  Jagermeister herbal liqueur   Add Jägermeister, and fill rest of glass with Thomas Kemper Root Beer. Mix and enjoy!

Does Zultry Zoe make a good shot?

Harley Oil    1/2 oz.  Jagermeister herbal liqueur   1/2 oz.  root beer schnapps   Pour ingredients in equal parts into a shot glass, and serve.

What is light rum made from?

Jagasm    1 oz.  root beer schnapps   1 oz.  Jagermeister herbal liqueur   6 oz.  Pepsi cola   Fill a pint glass with ice. Add jager and rootbeer schnapps, then fill with Pepsi, and serve.

What do I mix with Old Fashioned?

Jager Shake    3/4 oz.  Bailey's Irish cream   3/4 oz.  Jagermeister herbal liqueur   3/4 oz.  root beer schnapps   Pour all 3 liquors into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Shake, pour into an old-fashioned glass and serve.

What is Bacardi Gold made of?

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