Apple Jacks    1 oz.  DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker schnapps   1 oz.  DeKuyper Buttershots liqueur   1 1/2 oz.  DeKuyper Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps   Stir ingredients together in an old fashioned glass and serve.

What is in beer?

Apple Pie a la Mode    1/2 oz.  Bacardi Big Apple rum   1/2 oz.  Bacardi vanilla rum   1/2 oz.  DeKuyper Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps   Pour equal parts into a shot glass.

What is in chocolate?

Arizona PowWow    1 dash.  club soda   1 part.  1800 Tequila   1 part.  DeKuyper Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps   1 part.  light rum   Mix the three alcohols together and pour into shot glasses leaving enough room to add a little club soda. Best if drunk with a lime, lemon, or an orange wedge.

Is Coffee Liqueur a good mixer?

Arkansas Rattler    1 oz.  Jose Cuervo gold tequila   1 oz.  DeKuyper Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps   Add Tequila to shot glass and then put Hot Damn on top of it in the glass.

Will cream get me drunk?

Bee Stinger (Wildman Style)    1 oz.  Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey   1 oz.  DeKuyper Buttershots liqueur   1 oz.  DeKuyper Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps   Chill ingredients beforehand. Pour into a large shot glass, or over ice in a cocktail glass, and serve. Drink at preferred pace.

What can I make out of Jagermeister herbal liqueur?

Bleeding Snatch    1   cinnamon stick   1 oz.  DeKuyper Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps   5 oz.  V8 vegetable juice   1 oz.  vodka   Add ingredients together in highball glass stir with cinnamon stick, and enjoy your very own bleeding snatch.

Is vodka gluten free?

Burnt Turkey    1/2 oz.  DeKuyper Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps   1/2 oz.  Wild Turkey 101 bourbon whiskey   Pour Wild Turkey 101 into a cocktail shaker with ice. Add Hot Damn, shake well and strain into a shot glass.

Will Absolut vodka get me drunk?

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