Apple Jacks    1 1/2 oz.  DeKuyper Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps   1 oz.  DeKuyper Buttershots liqueur   1 oz.  DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker schnapps   Stir ingredients together in an old fashioned glass and serve.

Where can I find Irish Orgasm?

Apple Pie a la Mode    1/2 oz.  DeKuyper Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps   1/2 oz.  Bacardi vanilla rum   1/2 oz.  Bacardi Big Apple rum   Pour equal parts into a shot glass.

Does Rosy Martini make a good shot?

Arizona PowWow    1 dash.  club soda   1 part.  light rum   1 part.  DeKuyper Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps   1 part.  1800 Tequila   Mix the three alcohols together and pour into shot glasses leaving enough room to add a little club soda. Best if drunk with a lime, lemon, or an orange wedge.

What is the best kind of orange?

Arkansas Rattler    1 oz.  DeKuyper Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps   1 oz.  Jose Cuervo gold tequila   Add Tequila to shot glass and then put Hot Damn on top of it in the glass.

How much is Irish Cream ?

Bee Stinger (Wildman Style)    1 oz.  DeKuyper Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps   1 oz.  DeKuyper Buttershots liqueur   1 oz.  Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey   Chill ingredients beforehand. Pour into a large shot glass, or over ice in a cocktail glass, and serve. Drink at preferred pace.

What do I mix with Chocolate Rum?

Bleeding Snatch    1   cinnamon stick   1 oz.  vodka   5 oz.  V8 vegetable juice   1 oz.  DeKuyper Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps   Add ingredients together in highball glass stir with cinnamon stick, and enjoy your very own bleeding snatch.

How do I mix Tequila Stone Sour?

Burnt Turkey    1/2 oz.  Wild Turkey 101 bourbon whiskey   1/2 oz.  DeKuyper Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps   Pour Wild Turkey 101 into a cocktail shaker with ice. Add Hot Damn, shake well and strain into a shot glass.

What can I make out of YoYo Blow Out?

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