Apple Scotch    2/5   whisky   2/5   apple juice   0.1   lemon juice   1 Marraschino.  syrup   1 slice.  apple   1 tbsp superfine.  sugar   In a shaker half-filled with ice cubes, combine the whisky, lemon juice, and sugar. Shake well. Strain into a collins glass almost filled with ice cubes. Add the apple juice. Stir well, then put the punch of marraschino syrup and finally garnish with the slice apple. Enjoy it!, a bartender, Julián Ferreyra, from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Can I mix dit kicker with anything?

Apricot Kiss    1 oz.  Scotch whisky   2 oz.  apricot brandy   1/2 oz.  sweet vermouth   Pour the apricot brandy, Scotch whisky and sweet vermouth into an ice-filled old-fashioned glass. Stir gently and serve.

What is in Campari?

Aquarius    1 oz.  cranberry juice   1 1/2 oz.  Scotch whisky   1/2 oz.  cherry brandy   Pour the Scotch whisky, cherry brandy and cranberry juice into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Shake well, strain into an old-fashioned glass, and serve.

What is the best kind of Hawaiian Barbie?

Arctic Bomba    1 oz.  Yukon Jack Canadian whisky   1/2 oz.  Bacardi 151 rum   In a two ounce shot glass pour one ounce of Yukon Jack Canadian whiskey and then top with half ounce of 151 Bacardi rum.

Is Rum a good mixer?

Areola    1/4 oz.  sloe gin   1/2 oz.  peach schnapps   1/4 oz.  Black Velvet Canadian whisky   Pour ingredients in order into a shot glass, and serve.

Drinks with Tom Sweeney?

Artists' Special    1/2 oz.  grenadine syrup   1 oz.  Scotch whisky   1/2 oz.  lemon juice   1 oz.  sweet sherry   Shake and strain into a cocktail glass.

What ingredients are in Beautiful Lady?

Atomic Fireball    1/4 oz.  grenadine syrup   1/4 oz.  151 proof rum   1/2 oz.  Dr. McGillicuddy's Fireball Canadian whisky   Pour the grenadine syrup first, then layer the Fireball on top of it. Lastly the 151. Drink and enjoy. Tastes just like candy.

What drinks are like bacardi orange?