187 Cocktail    1 oz.  99 Bananas banana schnapps   1 oz.  RedRum rum   1 oz.  whipped cream   1 scoop.  ice cream   1 splash.  sweet and sour mix   1 splash.  strawberry daiquiri mix   1 splash.  triple sec   1 splash.  7-Up soda   1 tsp.  powdered sugar   Come all ingredients in a blender; add ice untill there is no funnel. Take out the middle of the blenders lid, and while still blending add a squirt of whipped cream. Serve with whipped cream on top and a maraschino cherry.

Where can I buy tequila seabreeze?

3 for a Dollar Special    3   mangos   2   limes   3/4 cup.  water   1/2 cup.  sugar   8 oz.  vodka   4 oz.  triple sec   Boil the sugar and water in a bowl. Chill for 20 minutes. Add the chopped mangos, along vodka, triple sec and two limes to a blender with 40 ice cubes. Blend, add the water and sugar mixture, and blend again. Serve in your glass of choice.

What ingredients are in Paisano?

3rd World Mocha    1 oz.  milk   3 oz.  creme de cacao   7 oz hot.  coffee   2 tsp.  sugar   Serve hot in a coffee mug.

Where can I buy Grapefruit Silhouette?

5-Ball       sugar   1 fifth.  triple sec   3 packages.  Kool-Aid Orange mix   Prepare kool-aid as normal, except add double the amount of sugar. When done, add one fifth of the volume of triple sec, and serve chilled.

What is melon liqueur made of?

7-up Punch    4   cinnamon   1/2 cup.  sugar   1 cup.  pineapple juice   1/4 cup.  lemon juice   3 cups.  orange juice   2 cups.  water   2 liters.  7-Up soda   In a sauce pan simmer cinnamon with water and sugar about 5 minutes. Cool. In a large bowl, combine cinnamon mixture with orange juice, lemon juice, and pineapple juice. Pour in 7-Up just before serving.

What ingredients are in Hawaiian Barbie?

A "Different" Mixed Fruit Julius    12   ice cubes   1 cup.  water   1/2 cup.  sugar   1 cup.  milk   6 oz frozen.  orange juice concentrate   1 tbsp.  vanilla   Add in blender in any order, and blend until desired texture. ENJOY! Makes 4 to 5 large servings. Fresh fruit: grapes, blueberries, peaches, bananas, or any kind of fruit you like, add as much as desired.

What is maple syrup made from?

A Curious Feeling    2 oz.  Beefeater gin   2 oz.  Tropicana orange juice   1 oz.  Mott's clamato juice   1 oz.  Angostura bitters   1 oz.  Kahlua coffee liqueur   1 tsp.  brown sugar   Combine dry gin, bitters, coffee liqueur, and orange juice in a mixing glass and stir. Decant contents into a microwave-safe container and microwave for 30 seconds. Add ice to a blender and pour contents of container into it. Add clamato juice and brown sugar, cap container, and turn blender on. When mixture has the consistency of a frozen drink, pour into highball glass. Garnish with straw, a dash of kosher salt, and peppermint leaves.

What is the best kind of chocolate?