187 Cocktail    1 oz.  RedRum rum   1 oz.  whipped cream   1 oz.  99 Bananas banana schnapps   1 scoop.  ice cream   1 splash.  strawberry daiquiri mix   1 splash.  triple sec   1 splash.  7-Up soda   1 splash.  sweet and sour mix   1 tsp.  powdered sugar   Come all ingredients in a blender; add ice untill there is no funnel. Take out the middle of the blenders lid, and while still blending add a squirt of whipped cream. Serve with whipped cream on top and a maraschino cherry.

Where can I find WOP?

3 for a Dollar Special    3   mangos   2   limes   3/4 cup.  water   1/2 cup.  sugar   8 oz.  vodka   4 oz.  triple sec   Boil the sugar and water in a bowl. Chill for 20 minutes. Add the chopped mangos, along vodka, triple sec and two limes to a blender with 40 ice cubes. Blend, add the water and sugar mixture, and blend again. Serve in your glass of choice.

What drinks are like Tom Collins?

3rd World Mocha    1 oz.  milk   3 oz.  creme de cacao   7 oz hot.  coffee   2 tsp.  sugar   Serve hot in a coffee mug.

What ingredients are like Blue Curacao liqueur?

5-Ball       sugar   1 fifth.  triple sec   3 packages.  Kool-Aid Orange mix   Prepare kool-aid as normal, except add double the amount of sugar. When done, add one fifth of the volume of triple sec, and serve chilled.

How much bacardi 151 rum will get you drunk?

7-up Punch    4   cinnamon   1/4 cup.  lemon juice   1/2 cup.  sugar   1 cup.  pineapple juice   2 cups.  water   3 cups.  orange juice   2 liters.  7-Up soda   In a sauce pan simmer cinnamon with water and sugar about 5 minutes. Cool. In a large bowl, combine cinnamon mixture with orange juice, lemon juice, and pineapple juice. Pour in 7-Up just before serving.

What is apple juice made from?

A "Different" Mixed Fruit Julius    12   ice cubes   1 cup.  water   1/2 cup.  sugar   1 cup.  milk   6 oz frozen.  orange juice concentrate   1 tbsp.  vanilla   Add in blender in any order, and blend until desired texture. ENJOY! Makes 4 to 5 large servings. Fresh fruit: grapes, blueberries, peaches, bananas, or any kind of fruit you like, add as much as desired.

Where can I buy Cognac?

A Curious Feeling    2 oz.  Beefeater gin   2 oz.  Tropicana orange juice   1 oz.  Mott's clamato juice   1 oz.  Angostura bitters   1 oz.  Kahlua coffee liqueur   1 tsp.  brown sugar   Combine dry gin, bitters, coffee liqueur, and orange juice in a mixing glass and stir. Decant contents into a microwave-safe container and microwave for 30 seconds. Add ice to a blender and pour contents of container into it. Add clamato juice and brown sugar, cap container, and turn blender on. When mixture has the consistency of a frozen drink, pour into highball glass. Garnish with straw, a dash of kosher salt, and peppermint leaves.

Is liqueur gluten free?