187 Cocktail    1 oz.  whipped cream   1 oz.  RedRum rum   1 oz.  99 Bananas banana schnapps   1 scoop.  ice cream   1 splash.  strawberry daiquiri mix   1 splash.  triple sec   1 splash.  7-Up soda   1 splash.  sweet and sour mix   1 tsp.  powdered sugar   Come all ingredients in a blender; add ice untill there is no funnel. Take out the middle of the blenders lid, and while still blending add a squirt of whipped cream. Serve with whipped cream on top and a maraschino cherry.

What is the best mixer for Canadian Pussy?

A Very Berry Surprise    1 cup.  ice   1 cup.  black cherry ice cream   1/2 oz.  Black Haus blackberry schnapps   2 oz.  Baja Rosa strawberry cream liqueur   1 oz.  DeKuyper Raspberry Pucker schnapps   1/2 oz.  99 Blackberries blackberry schnapps   Thoroughly mix all ingredients in a blender to make a smoothie. Serve in a classic margarita glass. Garnish with either cherry, raspberries, strawberries, or all!

What is Green Dragon?

Absolut Reese's    10   ice cubes   1 oz.  vodka   1 oz.  light rum   1 pint peanut butter c.  ice cream   Spoon ice cream into a blender, pouring vodka and rum over it. Blend together, gradually adding ice until desired thickness. Serve in large party cups. Garnish w/ peanut butter cup optional.

What do I mix with Tequila and Tonic?

Aggie Banana    1 cup whole.  milk   2 oz.  butterscotch schnapps   2 scoops.  vanilla ice cream   2 sliced.  bananas   Place bananas in an uncovered plastic bowl to freeze. Allow frost to form on them. Blend ice cream, milk, and frozen bananas until smooth. Add Schnapps, blend, and pour.

Can I mix Apple Spritzer with anything?

Alaskan Orange    2 oz.  Van Der Hum liqueur   3/4 oz.  brandy   4 tbsp.  vanilla ice cream   Blend briefly with a half a glassful of crushed ice. Serve in a goblet with grated orange zest, chocolate and nutmeg.

Where can I find Peachy Pirate?

Alaskan Polar Bear    1 oz.  cocoa cream   1 oz.  amaretto almond liqueur   1 oz.  chocolate syrup   1 1/2 oz.  whipped cream   1 oz.  Frangelico hazelnut liqueur   1 scoop.  ice cream   Blend ingredients until of milkshake consistancy. Serve in a highball glass and garnish with whipped cream.

What can I make out of Irish Orgasm?

Alco Choco Milkshake    1 oz.  Hershey's chocolate syrup   1 oz.  Kahlua coffee liqueur   1 oz.  Bailey's Irish cream   12 oz fresh.  milk   2 scoops.  chocolate ice cream   Combine all ingredients into a blender and blend for 30 seconds. Add a few cubes of ice to the blend if you prefer a frozen drink. Pour contents into a tall glass and enjoy.

Is Jim's Cream a good mixer?