A Clockwork Tangerine    1 oz.  Smirnoff vodka   12 oz.  Sprite soda   1 oz.  Bacardi gold rum   1 packet.  Kool-Aid Tangerine mix   Combine all ingredients in a beef pilsner. Stir together, and serve.

What can I make out of ?

A Saturday Afternoon    2 oz.  Malibu coconut rum   6 oz.  ginger ale   1 oz.  banana liqueur   1 oz.  gold rum   3 oz.  orange juice   1 slice.  orange   1 splash.  grenadine syrup   Add all ingredients except the gingerale and stir. Fill with ginger ale. Garnish with orange slice.

Is e non-alcoholic?

Afterparty Dregs    4 oz.  Bailey's Irish cream   1 oz.  Kahlua coffee liqueur   1 oz Gosling's Black S.  dark rum   1 oz Occumare.  gold rum   1 oz Phillips'.  butterscotch liqueur   2 oz Potter's.  creme de cacao   1 tbsp.  151 proof rum   Pour all ingedients except the Demerara into large mixer with ice and shake until slightly frothed. Strain into highball glass or other suitably large container. Use the back of a tablespoon to float the 151 onto the drink. Serve with straw.

Where can I buy Spooge?

Angel Hair    3/4 oz.  gold rum   1/4 oz.  peach schnapps   Make sure that both ingredients have been in the freezer for several hours and are nice and cold. In the glass, add about 3/4 rum, and fill the remaining 1/4 with peach schnapps. Hold shot glass to light, and small tendrils, almost like hair can be seen. Shoot.

What is the best kind of Southern Comfort peach liqueur?

Arawak Punch    1 oz.  creme de almond   1/2 oz.  cranberry juice   1/2 oz.  pineapple juice   1 1/2 oz.  gold rum   1/2 oz.  lime juice   Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker. Shake and strain into old fashioned glass. Do not garnish.

How much is peach schnapps?

At Deaths Door    3/4 can.  passion-fruit juice   3 cans.  7-Up soda   2 oz.  anejo rum   2 oz.  Jamaican dark rum   2 oz.  RedRum rum   2 oz.  white rum   3 oz.  grenadine syrup   2 oz.  gold rum   4 oz.  151 proof rum   2 oz.  spiced rum   2 scoops.  ice   1 tbsp.  bourbon whiskey   4 tsp.  sugar cubes   Add all ingredients except sugar cubes and bourbon into a chilled pitcher and mix. Add the ice last. To finish take the four sugar cubes melt them together to form one large cube, take the table spoon of bourbon pour onto sugar cube light it and set it on top of the Ice in the pitcher. Note: This is actually a one person drink!

What do I mix with apple juice?

Bacardi Gold & Cola    4 cl.  Bacardi gold rum   16 cl.  Coca-Cola   1 slice.  lemon   Fill a tall glass completely with ice cubes. Mix the ingredients into the glass and serve with a slice of lemon put on the glass. It is a very simple drink, but never the less it is very delicious - especially in the summertime.

What mixes with rum ?