1964 Car Bomb    2 oz.  Jim Beam bourbon whiskey   12 oz.  Budweiser lager   Pour the Jim Beam bourbon whiskey into a beer mug filled with Budweiser, and serve.

Is Sprite soda non-alcoholic?

4 Godfathers    1 oz.  Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky   1 oz.  Jose Cuervo Especial gold tequila   1 oz.  Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey   1 oz.  Jim Beam bourbon whiskey   Pour the whiskeys and tequila into a whiskey sour glass, stir gently, and serve. Alternatively, pour the whiskeys and tequila over 2 ice cubes, stir, and serve.

What is peach schnapps made of?

5 Best Friends    1/5 oz.  Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey   1/5 oz.  Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky   1/5 oz.  Jose Cuervo Especial gold tequila   1/5 oz.  Jagermeister herbal liqueur   1/5 oz.  Jim Beam bourbon whiskey   Combine ingredients in a shot glass, and serve.

Drinks with Boye Sparkle?

6 Wise Men    1 oz.  Evan Williams Bourbon Whiskey   1 oz.  Maker's Mark bourbon whiskey   1 oz.  Jameson Irish whiskey   1 oz.  Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey   1 oz.  Jim Beam bourbon whiskey   1 oz.  Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky   Pour all 6 whiskeys into an old-fashioned glass. Add ice cubes, and serve.

What ingredients are like lime juice?

Adelaide MOJO    1 oz.  Bacardi white rum   1 oz.  vodka   1 oz.  gin   1 oz.  cherry advocaat liqueur   12 oz.  beer   1 oz.  Bundaberg dark rum   1 oz.  brandy   1 oz.  1800 Tequila   1 oz.  Jim Beam bourbon whiskey   1 oz.  chocolate mint liqueur   9 oz.  orange juice    top with.  lemonade   Mix all spirits and liquers in a jug. Add the beer and orange juice, then top up with lemonade and ice, and serve in 9 oz glasses.

What can I make out of 1800 tequila?

Agent Orange    1 oz.  Yukon Jack Canadian whisky   1 oz.  apple schnapps   1 oz.  light rum   1/2 oz.  grenadine syrup   1 oz.  Jim Beam bourbon whiskey   1 oz.  vodka   1 oz.  triple sec   2 oz.  orange juice   Have a hurricane glass filled with ice. Add ingredients, and shake. Garnish with cherry and orange.

What is Bacardi Gold made of?

Apple Jim    6 oz.  apple juice   1 oz.  Jim Beam bourbon whiskey   Blend ingredients together in a mixing glass. Serve on the rocks in a cocktail glass.

What is Red Rooster?