Absolutely Cranberry Smash       ice cubes   2 oz.  Absolut vodka   2 oz.  Seagram's ginger ale   4 oz.  cranberry juice   Stir ingredients together. Serve over ice.

What is the best kind of Coffee Liqueur?

Absolutly Screwed Up     fill with.  ginger ale   1 shot.  Absolut Citron vodka   1 shot.  triple sec   1 shot.  orange juice   Shake it up it tasts better that way, but you can stir it if you want. 6 of those and you will be wasted for the rest of the night.

Where can I find Kahlua?

Astral Gateway    4 cl.  Absolut vodka   1 cl.  lemon juice   2 cl.  Blue Curacao liqueur   10 cl.  ginger ale    fill with.  ice   Put ingredients into the glass, fill with ice.

Is milk a good mixer?

Backseat Boogie #2    1 oz.  Absolut vodka   1 oz.  gin   1 part.  ginger ale   1 part.  Ocean Spray cranberry juice   Pour vodka and gin over ice in a collins glass. Fill with equal parts of ginger ale and cranberry juice. Garnish with fruit, and serve.

Drinks with Blue Curacao liqueur?

Bookmaker's Luck       lime juice      orange juice      ginger ale   1 oz.  Absolut vodka   1/2 oz.  creme de bananes   1 oz.  white rum   Pour the vodka, rum, lime juice (to taste) and orange juice (to taste) into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Shake well, and strain into a highball glass 1/3 filled with ice cubes. Fill with ginger ale, add creme de bananes on top, stir once and serve.

What is J made from?

Cabin Cooler    16 oz.  Absolut Raspberri vodka   8 oz.  cranberry juice   16 oz.  Captain Morgan Parrot Bay coconut rum   4 oz.  ginger ale   Combine all ingredients in a pitcher and chill, preferably in ice. Pour into suitable glasses. Garnish rim of each glass with a lime slice, and serve.

Will Irish Cream get me drunk?

Funnel Cloud    40 oz.  beer   12 oz.  ginger ale   1/4 shot.  Absolut vodka   1/2 shot.  amaretto almond liqueur   1/4 shot.  light rum   Pour beer, ginger ale, vodka, light rum, and amaretto in a funnel. Turn the funnel while you drink it.

How much Chocolate will get you drunk?