Afternoon Delight    3 oz.  Bacardi 151 rum   16 oz.  cranberry juice   2 oz.  ginger ale   3 oz.  Southern Comfort peach liqueur   16 oz.  Gatorade energy drink   Add all ingredients except ginger ale to a pitcher. Add ice, cover and shake. Add ginger ale and stir. Chill and serve over ice in plastic beer cups.

Is Paisano gluten free?

Apple Batorade    6 oz.  beer   2 oz.  99 Apples apple schnapps   6 oz.  Gatorade energy drink   Pour 6 oz. of the beer of your choice into a plastic beer cup. Next pour the 6 oz. of fruit punch or berry Gatorade in the cup. Finally add the 2 oz. of Apple Schnapps. Stir and drink. Best if served cold.

Do you want more Triple Sec?

Bitter Lime    4 oz.  Gatorade energy drink   2 oz.  Seagram's lemon gin   2 tbsp.  lime juice   Pour gin over ice cubes, and add lemon-lime gatorade. Top with lime juice and mix.

How do I mix Ojen Cocktail?

Blue Solute    1 1/2 oz.  Absolut vodka   1 1/2 oz.  blueberry schnapps   9 oz blue.  Gatorade energy drink   Mix ingredients in a highball glass, stir, and serve.

What is the best mixer for Juice?

Drunkin' Gator    5 oz.  vodka   2 scoops.  Gatorade energy drink powder mix   Place two scoops of Gatorade mix (any flavor) together with vodka in a cocktail glass. Stir, and serve.

What mixes with WOP?

Everglade    1 oz.  Everclear alcohol   1 oz.  Gatorade energy drink   Stir ingredients together in an old-fashioned glass, and serve.

Can I mix melon liqueur with anything?

Flashback    5 oz.  Gatorade energy drink   3 oz.  vodka   1 oz.  ginger ale   Pour all ingredients into a collins glass filled with ice cubes. Stir well, and serve.

What ingredients are like club soda?