2000 Flushes    1/2 oz.  Captain Morgan Original spiced rum   1/2 oz.  Captain Morgan Parrot Bay mango rum   1/2 oz.  lemonade   1/2 oz.  Blue Curacao liqueur   1/2 oz.  Sprite soda   Combine the Captain Morgan Original spiced rum and Parrot Bay mango rum in a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Add the blue curacao, shake well and strain into a cocktail glass. Add Sprite and lemonade, and serve.

What mixes with lime juice?

3 Fingers of Ron Burgundy    1 oz.  DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker schnapps   1 oz.  DeKuyper triple sec   1 oz.  Captain Morgan Parrot Bay mango rum   12 oz can.  Sprite soda   Stir ingredients with/without ice in a hurricane glass, and serve.

Is maple syrup gluten free?

Abbi's Tropical Delight    1 chunk.  mango   6 oz.  Captain Morgan Parrot Bay mango rum   6 oz chilled.  orange juice   Pour the Captain Morgan's Parrot Bay Mango rum and orange juice into a collins glass half-filled with ice cubes. Add a chunk of mango, or cubes, and stir. Add more rum to taste if desired. Serve.

Is rum a good mixer?

Applebee's Mango Martini    1 oz.  Captain Morgan Parrot Bay mango rum   1/2 oz.  Cointreau orange liqueur   1 oz.  pineapple juice   1/2 oz.  peach schnapps   1 oz.  cranberry juice   Combine all ingredients and shake lightly with ice. If you shake too hard the pineapple juice will get all foamy and will ruin the appearance (but not the taste) of the drink. Strain into a cocktail glass, splash with sprite and serve with an orange wedge.

What can I make out of Cognac?

Captain Morgan's Fruit Salad    1 oz.  Captain Morgan coconut rum   4 oz.  Gatorade Fierce Melon energy drink   1 oz.  Captain Morgan Parrot Bay mango rum   Pour the types of Captain's Rum in a shot glass for measuring and then pour into a cup. Then fill the rest of the cup up with Melon Gatorade. Add a lime if you like and then mix the drink with a straw and enjoy. More for social drinking because it will take two or three before you start feeling good!

Does 1800 tequila make a good shot?

Drunken Captain    2 oz.  Captain Morgan Parrot Bay coconut rum   2 oz.  Captain Morgan Parrot Bay pineapple rum   2 oz.  Captain Morgan Parrot Bay mango rum   2 oz.  pineapple juice   1 splash.  cranberry juice   Fill Hurricane glass with ice, pour in all ingredients, give a quick shake and enjoy. We have served this drink as a cocktail or as a Martini (Martini made with smaller ounces of liquor)

What is in grenadine syrup?

Fruit Salad #2    1 oz.  Captain Morgan coconut rum   4 oz.  Gatorade Fierce Melon energy drink   1 oz.  Captain Morgan Parrot Bay mango rum   Pour a shot of Mango Rum, pour it in a glass. Then pour a shot of coconut rum, pour it in to your glass. Fill the rest of the cup up with about 4 oz. of Melon Gaterade and stir. Add fruit if you like, I personally like adding lime.

What is the best mixer for Rum?