Alize Bleu Bling Martini    2 oz.  Alize Bleu liqueur   1 oz super-premium.  vodka   Shake ingredients together with a few ice cubes and serve straight up with a twist of lemon in a cocktail glass.

Is cranberry juice non-alcoholic?

Bamm Passion    2 oz.  Alize Bleu liqueur   2 oz.  Grey Goose vodka   2 oz.  cranberry juice   Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with several ice cubes. Shake once, pour into a large cocktail or hurricane glass and serve with a slice of lime.

What is dit kicker made of?

Champagne Bleu    4 oz.  Champagne   2 oz.  Alize Bleu liqueur   Serve in a chilled Champagne flute.

What can I make out of e ?

Dro    1 oz.  Alize Bleu liqueur   1 oz.  Crown Royal Canadian whisky   1 1/2 oz.  7-Up soda   Pour 1 oz of crown royal, then pour 1 oz of blue alize, and top with 7-up

What do I mix with WOP?

Flip Passion    2 oz.  Alize Bleu liqueur   2 oz.  ginger ale   2 oz.  Patron silver tequila   3 oz.  Red Bull energy drink   Stir all ingredients together in a highball glass half-filled with ice cubes, and serve.

What is in 1800 tequila?

Green Bull    2 oz.  vodka   2 oz.  Alize Bleu liqueur   2 oz.  Red Bull energy drink   4 oz.  151 proof rum   2 oz.  peach schnapps   6 oz.  Welch's orange-pineapple juice   Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into glass.

Will cream get me drunk?

H.A.V.    2 cups.  Absolut vodka   8 oz.  Hpnotiq liqueur   8 oz.  Alize Bleu liqueur   Combine ingredients. Stir and pour into highball glasses over ice.

What ingredients are in Boye Sparkle?